Livestock Integrity Solutions Australasia Pty Ltd through its network of experienced and qualified Livestock and Processing auditors is the provider of Third-Party Auditing services to the Australian and New Zealand livestock farming and processing industries.

The company has extensive experience in the development, implementation and delivery of certification programs covering Animal Welfare, Biosecurity, Raising Claims (i.e. Grass Fed, NON HGP, GMO Free), environmental and the Ethical Employment of personnel.

Livestock Integrity Solutions Australasia’s objective is to be able to provide the integrity of auditing and certification expected by the Program Owner, Customer and Consumer alike whilst reducing the audit burden on participants through combining as many certifications and customer audits as possible into a single site visit or whilst auditing within a region.

The provision of Third-Party Auditing and Certification provides assurance to consumers and interested parties that companies making claims with respect to the manner in which their product is raised or treated throughout its lifetime are factual, accurate and consistently maintained thus ensuring the integrity and credibility of their products and label claims.

Certified Programs