Livestock Integrity Solutions Australasia Pty Ltd provides Program Development and Implementation, Third Party  Auditing and Certification services to the Australian and New Zealand livestock farming and Processing Industries.

Certified Programs Currently Provided

A Greener World (AGW)

AGW Certified Animal Welfare
AGW Certified Grass Fed
AGW Certified Non-GMO
AGW Certified Organic
AGW Certified Regenerative (coming soon)


Global Animal Partnership (GAP)

GAP Animal Welfare Certified (Beef, Sheep, Pigs)

Greenham Cape Grim “Never Ever” Beef Program

100% Grass-Fed
No Added Hormones
No Antibiotics Ever
Lifetime Traceable
Free Range – Never Confined to Feedlot
Free from Genetically Modified Organisms
Meat Standards Australia Certified


Australian Certified Humane (ACH)

ACH Beef Cattle Animal Welfare Standard
ACH Standing Grass, Legume and Pasture Standard

“Roots Regenerative” Program

The Paradigm Food Roots Regenerative Program was established in 2022 to source 100% grassfed beef, raised on dedicated Regenerative Australian farms.